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> Existential errors? Screenshots of despairthis one made me smile…. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!



> Its not every day you get to witness the genius of reductive music production, but today is one of those days….. Case in point: the song Citizens by Alice Russell,
first listen to the version from 2010

Ok theres something there… but…. it ain’t compelling….

Now listen to a live piano & voice version from BBC Radio 2

& then live again in 2012

Better…. but, still…. not compelling…

& then there is this, the best song imho on her newish album – same tune, same lyrics but such better production through removing most of it… Well… sadly there is no embeddable copy of the album version, so use this link to listen on Spotify – scroll down to track 13 Citizens or follow this link and hopefully it gives you the option to hit View in iTunes for track 13 Citizens or a 30 second listen on lastFM or Spotify


> if you have never experienced a work by John Turrell then you must – deeply profound!


> Wilhelm dog?


> Productivity tips by Nikola Tesla??


> No doubt you’ve seen the news about Apples new big little Mac Pro – looks like my idea of a mac mini except with far better graphics support!


> this is a beautiful sound (thanks Samuel!)


> Some of the other issues discussed in this article are a little confused, but the diea of digital hoarding is fascinating & eloquently put: “If a virtual tree falls in a virtual forest and no one opens the file, does it still make a sound?” – Why I No Longer Give Away My Music by Bob Ostertag


> Do you know what a matrix mixer is? I have a couple of them in my modular synth, imagine a normal mixer with aux sends but where the number of inputs and aux sends is the same, and all inputs can send to all outputs…. If you are interested in feedback loops, or manipulating chains of analogue processing in unusual ways they are a godsend… But there hasn’t been a non-modular format matrix mixer available for a while, Mackie used to sell one that was intended as a headphone monitor controller although they aren’t available any more… But a company by the name Xiwi electronics have released a passive 4 i/o matrix mixer – check it out!



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