Detritus 260

> Birdsong app deemed dangerous & illegal!



> Phenomenally beautiful abandoned buildings from around the world
thanks Nick!


> This seems a bit like the visual equivalent of using impulse responses for sound: “The team were able to build a full 3D image of a room using four microphones to record echoes bouncing off walls” – read more at BBC


“Visitors are able to select any song from an iPad and watch a visualization of the music projected onto the surrounding walls. Through motion-capture technology, visitors can interact with and manipulate the animation through movement….”
more info on Sonos Playground Deconstructed


> The New Abnormal?


> HISSandaROAR CHAINS has been released and is available now – be in quick if you want to access the discount!

I’ve started recording the next library – it is more of a classic HISSandaROAR themed library with very diverse range of material, but suspect I’ll stop for a bit tomorrow to record some new material for a BIG SURF Ambience Library I’ve been slowly recording over the last few months. There is a one-in-ten-year weather event happening in NZ at the moment, an evil southerly storm bringing an abrupt start to the ski season, and the waves in Lyall Bay tomorrow are predicted to be 6.5m! I know just the spot to hide my microphones – just out of harms way!!


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  1. John Tudor says:

    Like abandoned buildings?

  2. bassling says:

    Stimulating as always, Tim. Much appreciated 🙂

    PS thought of you when I saw

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