Detritus 261

> these are quite amazing: wind powered kinetic sculptures


> this is particularly relevant to me at the moment, but applies to anyone using gear in the field: protecting yourself from gear theft


> I was discussing the sound of MRI scans with Jay & came across this recording (just need to find a friendly MRI operator now!)


> David Lynch: current state of the film industry is “Depressing”


best book promo ever?


> love these big ears


> How many of you have actually suffered downtime due to the legendary iLok fiasco of 2013? Thankfully I have had no need to even visit the iLok website in many months… But one can only hope this is the death noll for this form of protection. If you want to use ProTools you don’t have a choice over whether you use iLok or not, but when I look at all the software I own there isn’t much that requires an iLok – it is only ProTools & some of the plugins that work with ProTools… None of the graphics, video, utilities or data apps that I own use it, which means there are plenty of software companies that don’t need to resort to a physical dongle to protect their software. It seems we are typecast as filthy pirating musicians..

Whats the ideal model for authorisation for you? Mine would be via The Plugin Alliance – notice their byline: 3 licenses, forever! Not one iLok (which may or may not work)

I think its time to move past iLok and their dinosaur model of copy protection. If I buy an app or plugin I want it licensed to me. I will likely always own 3 Macs – a Mac Tower, a Mac Mini and a laptop. But there is only one of me, and in this day and age it seems incredibly redundant to have to carry a stupid little plastic dongle around with me, or buy the software three times. Respect to the Plugin Alliance! This iLok incompetence may prove to be the best marketing for their approach ever!!

Developers take note – if there is a choice, I won’t be buying anything in future that requires an iLok license. There was never any advantage from a users point of view for iLok, and now there is a HUGE disincentive.


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  1. John Tudor says:

    For the MRI recording, you may like one of these Sennheiser OPTICAL microphones

  2. Jon Clark says:

    I like the Native Instruments model pretty well; the software is licensed by machine. New machine? deactivate the defunct machine license and add the new machine.
    The other model I like is the Sound Forge license which actually trusts me to use one copy at a time, and install on as many machines as I need.

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