Detritus 266


(anyone help me with credit for this?)


> Are you a cyclist who likes to listen? Check these – via SSD (still surprised Rycote don’t make ear shaped wind protectors – would be a likely viral hit, choose your style: Vulcan, Cat etc….


> Late, often? (I worked with a director who was reliably late by 20+ minutes, I soon learned to make our meetings half an hour earlier than when they would actually start, problem solved!)


> OMFG! f/0.7!!! Stanley Kubrick’s bokeh FTW!


> Vox the great little music player/iTunes repalcement for OSX is out of beta & still free!


> A poster child for everything that’s wrong with modern movies?


> bass dogs, because… thats all


> How to help ensure your next flight doesn’t suck


> This borders on a number of philosophies that I concur with: developing a flexible mind and reminds me of a great quote about life: pain is inevitable, suffering is optional



> The music of light


> I first became aware of Keith LeBlanc via Tackhead and his work for the legendary On U Sound record label, so this is interesting news: ‘Keith found the ‘business’ process of distributing his sample CDROMs so confusing, tedious and downright maddening that he was tempted to abandon the project completely… but then came the obvious solution… GIVE IT AWAY FREE!’ More info here and downloads here (& remember ‘free’ really means donate if it has value to you)


> A very interesting booklist, subject: creativity



> oishi! an english version has launched of Cookpad the largest online source for Japanese recipes! mmm okonomiyaki & its variations!



> trees? some really fckng amazing trees


> invaluable advice


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