Detritus 26

wild things vs sopranos mashup via


>I love this musicbox train – wonder what the tracks programmed to play?
train musicbox


> Need some new tape loops for your space echo?
These loops
claim to be better than the RT1L originals


>Various means of visualising whale song


> Jonsi of Sigur Ros has a new album due out!
Have a listen to him interviewed & play a few songs on WNYC via
Jónsi on WNYC (Interview and Acoustic Set) by Jónsi


> I love this tune by the Animal Collective – I must have played it 50 or 100 times since I discovered it, for me its aural crack….


> La Puerta – A stop motion animation by Limow and Sam3

3 thoughts on “Detritus 26

  1. John Pallister

    That WTWTA mash-up is amusing, but it made me think it must suck to be James Gandolfini – he must get accosted all the time by people saying “hey, it’s Tony fuckin’ Soprano!”, which I imagine would wear thin after a while.

    I wonder if those “short-loop type” tape loops would work in the mighty Echo-Dek? If so, I might get some while I’m in this hemisphere…

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