Detritus 272

Frankly, thats actually better than my memory of it – laughter is better than dry retching!


> 10 Lessons on Filmmaking from Director Alejandro Jodorowsky


> The well sequenced synth?




> Carl Haber restores long-lost sounds (hyperbole deleted form headline, you’re welcome!)



> As I am now mid way through my Shodoshima residency, I had a weekend off & caught the ferry to Kobe and enjoyed some contrast – Kobe & Osaka suddenly seemed VERY busy! Being a big city Osaka always is (including the outer city Osaka has the second largest GDP in Japan and get this: seventh largest in the entire world!) but apart from having a great time one of the things that made me almost feel nostalgic (neostalgic?) was visiting Tower Records in Umeda and actually discovering some new music! Music I had never heard or heard of before, and it was also a new release, I actually bought a CD! Can’t remember the last time I said that…. The album is called BEYOND and is by Marihiko Hara & Polar M, let me see if I can find something to embed…


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