Detritus 275

> beautiful! Six months of tonal vibrations of Tchaikovskys Swan Lake expressed in crystal


Stanford scientists turn seizures into sound


> The art of music in Jim Jarmuschs films


> Aesthetics and the art of audio field recording by Steven Miller


> Womentronic: Selective Herstory of Electronic Music


> A gun sound effects library for $1? Admirable ambition, but are there really 7000 people to support it? Knowing that it is all or nothing with Kickstarter I would have made it $7, which would still be a bargain and 1,000 supporters would be much more likely to be reached than 7,000… And no other tiers of rewards? Time will tell if their altruistic approach works – 25 days to go! Join in for $1 here


> “Could billions of stars be read like notes?”: Emil Schult talks to Diamond Version



> Autechre did a reddit style ‘ask me anything’ session recently, and someone took all the questions and answers and put them in a google docs spreadsheet, have a squizz here – when asked about film: “big fan of shane carruth and neill blomkamp… and loads of retired or dead people” and such interesting ideas e.g. “we were also doing stuff like making 2 melodies with slightly different notes or in a different order and then sending the muted one to the reverb and mixing the reverb quite low so you almost can’t tell”


> interesting: Sonic Shuffle an app, including “music created from a graphic score by Domenico Sciajno performed by a 48-member electronic orchestra” – preorder your USB memory stick now!


> the David Lynch suite? I’d stay there! Except. Its $1,200 a night. Guess its all booked up by the bourgeois/(burn the) rich crowd…



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