Detritus 278


> Jan 4th 2014, cicada?



> making music with a moebius strip?



> Resonance in your body? Eyeballs 20-90Hz, Spinal column 10-12 Hz etc…


> interesting analysis of the stereotype of video games being male dominated


> Sounds from dangerous places



> love these fragmented sculptures



> funny isn’t it, that despite all the ux researchers & people making a living from supposedly making apps better suited to our use, that these two VERY human features are only found in two apps (afaik… there may be others)

– When you are listening to music & hit stop, the app does not create a digital cut to zero. It eases out, doing a quick fade to silence. Lets face it, going from X volume to zero is ugly, and the louder X is the more ugly the hard cut becomes… Well done Vox for implementing this feature. (I have nostaglic memories of this from mixing on a fully analogue film dub stage – the mixer hitting stop and hearing analogue multitrack tape gorgeously pitch bend to a stop…)

– If I stop watching a video before its finished, why does the app not remember where I got up to & if I later restart watching that same video give me the option to start from the beginning or from where I left off? Well done Kindle app and Vox both have this option available.



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