Detritus 279

> “Being called unoriginal douchebags in public? They already know that, and it pays handsomely, thank you.” – interesting discussion on inspiration versus theft


> Sonic shuffle – the app/album


> great film advice by Roger Deakins


> great live version of Aphex Twins Flim by The Bad Plus (youtube link, embedding disabled)


> I love this tune: KIll J – Phoenix (Galimatias Remix) – it is #sublime & a free download



> Manga that can be played by a music box!


> Great doco on Kickstarter about legendary session musos The Wrecking Crew – thanks for tip Gary, definitely worth supporting – the documentary is finished they just need funds to clear music rights. They have some seriously amazing rewards lined up too!


> these cardboard headphones by sound artist Zimoun made me smile


> The perfect MIDI gadget for anyone who plays drums by slapping their legs


> Sounds from space



> check out Cyclique, a light and sound installation composed of a matrix of 256 balloons inflated with helium and equipped with LED lights!


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  1. bassling says:

    Cheers Tim, great links as usual but a couple seem to be broken. See the MIDI drumpants and the sounds from space.

    • tim says:

      thanks, should be right now – wordpress seemed to be adding carriage returns where it shouldn’t… updated to 3.8 while I was at it

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