Detritus 280

> an indepth look at the new Sound Devices 633


Roadrunner entirely revoiced & resynced by eurorack modular synth!!


> free collection of prop samples via University of Iowa


> Steve Reich: Writings on Music, 1965-2000 (2002) – get epub here – Music as a Gradual Process is required reading!


thanks Benoit!


>”Most of the time, you’re working on your voice. It’s just your own journey….


> iBeacon? no, not iBacon, iBeacon


> Cornell researchers 3D prints a fully functional loudspeaker



> Synthesisers are killing film and TV music, say British composers – they left the number two out of that headline: ‘says (two) British composers’ – the way its written you’d think the entire UK was full of luddites or something….. some funny thoughts in the comments…


> for your minimalist Xmas wishlist? A silent compilation LP



> And there be the last detritus for the year – have a great holiday!


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