Detritus 281

> A few gems from amongst the 98,886 rss articles NetNewsWire has patiently been collecting for me while I’ve been in Little Huia… having fast(ish) internet again is like having the oxygen turned back on!




> I’d like to ride past this sculpture on my bike, while holding a drum stick out – more pix here


> Erik Satie had 100 umbrellas – who knew?


> Hang on, I’ll just pause the cupboard #glitch_art



> which privacy stereotype are you?


> 38 beautiful abandoned places – worth a visit for a glimpse of Mirny Diamond Mine in Eastern Siberia


> Some great reading: an archive of all the Collateral Damage articles from The Wire



> Robot rides fixy!




> The age of enthusiasm


> Brian Eno and Grayson Perry on how the internet taught us we are all perverts


> the power of Tavener’s soul music – Nico Muhly


> Why you’re creative when you’re tired



> a contender for shortcut/scripting/Quickeys: Keyboard Maestro


> Manipulations of musical patterns by Laurie Spiegel


> relatedly, anyone tried/using Synfire?


> Music and Memory


> Thanks SonicCouture for the lovely Xmas present: a Grand Toy Piano Kontakt instrument!



> 6 psych tips for creating an ideal workspace





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