Detritus 285

> wow! Ryoji Ikeda has been awarded the Prix Ars Electronica Collide @ CERN residency which will take him to the CERN headquarters in Switzerland to work with data produced at the large hadron collider. Ikeda’s first visit will be this spring where he will be paired with scientists from CERN, and his residency will run across two years! Can’t wait to see/hear the results of that!!


> apparently Stonehenge is actually a giant xylophone!


> Fantastic tribute to Dziga Vertov (thanks monoskop!)- Dziga Vertov is the creator of Man with a Movie Camera, amongst many other great pioneering film & musique concrete works


> trailer for Gondrys new film: Mood Indigo


> Mindscapes: The first recording of hallucinated music (?really – not so sure about that ‘first’ part)


> imagine a digital version of Dust & Grooves where they go around talking to people about their MP3 collections? yawn… but Dust & Grooves itself is fascinating – interviewing & photographing vinyl collectors


> This is a tough read (tough, because its hard to believe there has been so little progress…) but it is important to read… I am sure it applies to crew as much as directors:
How women are treated in Hollywood


> Post-digital analog – no, not about 808 clones… but a fascinating read (thanks Tom!) “The challenge for Apple’s audio engineers is less about improving sound than deciding whom they are improving it for: you or Siri.


> vimeo gets more interesting by securing exclusive digital VOD rights for 13 films that premiered at Toronto Film Festival (they offer $10k to the film makers & get 30 day exclusive VOD or until they recover their $10k, then its a 90/10 split – 90% to film makers)


> Mmmmmmm just got some new modules, the Intellijel Dubmix with its two expanders – VC control of mix/pan/aux sends FTW! Now the process begins of rearranging my existing modules to fit it in… & best feed it!



> A question: moving into my new house I have split my studio in half – upstairs is my writing/sound design studio (quad monitoring, 192k PT, modular synth, 88 key controller etc) and downstairs is my analogue studio (Toft 24.8.2 desk fed with my older 16 output 192 voice ProTools rig & all of my analogue outboard) but the one bit of outboard I do not own & wish to, is a good compressor, with sidechain input – what would you recommend thats both affordable & good? Doesn’t need to be new… or even recent…. Drawmer? DBX? Someone somewhere has a tip for me – like all my analog gear, bought for far less than its worth due to the migration to digital for many people…. Work-in-progress photo below, nothings even plugged in yet… but just you wait!

analog num nums



> Musicdrop – a 3D printed music box, you provide the tune, they print it, video & stream it & then post it to you


> some of the sounds of New York as a physical sculpture



> would love to listen to/through this sculpture on the A50


so wrong… but so funny!!


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  1. tim says:

    hmmm answering my own question with another: know anyone with a Drawmer DS301 for sale?

  2. bassling says:

    New Gondry looks fantastic. Love Mood Indigo, particularly this version with Mingus:

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