Detritus 286

> Interesting notes about Spike Jonzes new film HER


> Acoustic scientists shatter the world record for longest ever echo (note: competition does not include Roland Space Echo)



> nice freebie for Kontakt: a drumkit deep sampled via cassette tape


> some weekend listening: Joe Strummer spins his favorite tracks from around the world #archival_radio


> and some more good listening, a very nice mellow dub-techno mix by Casey Borchert for Arctic Dub – download etc here


ooops – video is David Lynch interviewed by Mike Figgis – watch it at vimeo


> Why audio doesn’t go viral – well, not counting music, which is constantly ‘going viral’ (thanks Rene)


> Googles music timeline visualization is kinda interesting eg the genre of ‘dub’

Little Huia

or the band CAN (it seems to display album/band rather than just band)

Little Huia


> After searching years I finally found a schematic for my broken Firstman SQ01 synth & sequencer – the schematic PDF wasn’t free, but it & a ton of other synth schematics are available from Music Parts site



> There are people you will meet, throughout your life, that make you stop & go huh? What IS it with this person, that they just do not get!? It is likely that they never learned this



> Love these flight paths of birds, by Dennis Hlynsky


> A virtual microphone? I’m sure its capable of colouring a signal, but…

but… i would be prepared to pay money to never hear that guy sing ever again.. is there a plugin for that?


> There is a saying, which I partially subscribe to when it comes to some recording situations: “Its better to ask for forgiveness than permission”
A simple example: years ago I needed to record some ambiences for a film in the Auckland Britomart train station. The idea that I might need a permit never even entered my brain, so I wandered in there, recorded three or four different perspectives and was about to leave when a security guard came up to me & asked what I was doing. He was being polite & non-aggressive, and I well know it pays to smile a lot in situations such as this & make light of it, but I was duly informed that I must stop what I was doing and that I would need a permit & where I should go to get one. I apologised and left, and in hindsight I guess it was a case of ‘asking for forgiveness’ rather than permission. But, next time, if there is a next time, I would get a permit & follow their protocol.
So while that saying is useful in certain circumstances, it misses a few important ethical & human aspects. First, in my experience if you engage with people, they are usually happy to share their expertise with you. And that expertise can make all the difference. But if you do make regular use of that saying to justify your actions, I suggest you also read this article: When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege just to be clear you aren’t forming some sense of entitlement and/or actually exploiting people & situations….



6 Responses to Detritus 286

  1. james hayday says:

    I wonder if Slate slides across the bonnet of his Ferrari when he turns up at your party and hits on your girlfriend.

  2. Dan says:

    Antares had something that claimed to do this a long time ago didn’t they? The Mic Modeler?

    • tim says:

      These are interesting times – these people desperately trying to model impossibly real world analogue… and every second comment about Rolands new drum machine seems to be ‘is it analogue?’

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