Detritus 288

> data sonification tumblr


> Spike Jonze AMA


Zimoun : 43 prepared dc-motors, 31.5kg packing paper, 2013 from STUDIO ZIMOUN on Vimeo.


> tactics to cope with idea overflow?


> free new glitch audio plugin: Fracture


> fascinating read about Google buying Nest & the rise of products resold as services



NOISE / IdN MAGAZINE from Mr. Kaplin on Vimeo.


> great twitter account posting behind the scenes photos from movies eg check this one of a centrifugal set from 2001 A Space odyssey


> inside Daft Punks grammys setup


> famous movie quotes as charts


SYN-Phon ( Graphic notation) from candas sisman on Vimeo.


> compulsory reading: Tarkovskys Sculpting in Time



“Living Symphonies is a sound installation which grows in the same way as a forest ecosystem. Portraying the thriving activity of the forest’s wildlife, plants and atmospheric conditions, it creates a never-ending symphony heard amongst the forest itself.
Composed and realised by James Bulley and Daniel Jones, Living Symphonies will be taking place across four of England’s forests during summer 2014, co-produced by Forestry Commission England and Sound And Music with support from Arts Council England.”


> wow! 36 albums by Fela Kuti re-released via bandcamp – thanks for the tip Marc!


> Interviewer: “Do you see yourself primarily as a film maker, or as an artist who makes films?”
Steve McQueen: “I don’t see myself as anything… I just do stuff… I’m lucky enough that I can do stuff….”
From a fascinating episode of The Culture Show on BBC with McQueen… So what are the odds of 12 Years a Slave winning the Oscar for Best Picture? Have you seen it? No doubt it is brutal but essential viewing, it would get my vote (American Hustle seemed lightweight in comparison, The Wolf of Wall Street cringeworthy & Gravity was intriguing but its story arc lacked depth) Here’s hoping the voters agree!


Ryoji Ikeda :: superposition [updated 28 JAN 2014] from ryoji ikeda studio on Vimeo.

Ryoji Ikeda :: superposition [updated 28 JAN 2014]



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