Detritus 290



> love these 8bit water colours


> the truth about youtube tutorials


> didnt realise Photosounder plugin was now available for OSX too (it works a bit like Metasynth, using images & sine waves to create/edit/process sounds) – their visualizer Spiral is kind of interesting too


> the Sennheiser 416, some people love them & others hate them…


> the world’s most used sequence?


(presume everyone has seen this, but if not)


> nice patch tool for all those new (& old) MS20 owners




(thanks Manuel)


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  1. I wouldn’t dare going so far as saying “plagiarism”, but Sonic Water is identical to Alexander Lauterwasser studies on Cymatics and a CD called Water Mirror. But Water Mirror is great.

    Water Mirror is basically both a composition and a performance by three great composers + Lauterwasser that used his “Sound Transformer” to project water excited by sound. I’m eagerly searching the DVD since year 2000.

    If you google up for Alexander Lauterwasser you can find plenty of info and pictures (some video on youtube as well) but I’ll help you with Water Mirror:

    Besto of luck in finding a copy of Water Mirror. You’d not regret it. 🙂


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