Detritus 294


> Matthew Herbert & the art of the loop


> Hollywood company is being fined US$2 million for using the wrong sound effect in a movie trailer! (thanks Simon!)


> listen to the SXSW interactive workshops/presentations


> a sound art installation with three listening zones: underwater, in air & at the boundary between the two


> relatedly, useful ear plugs for surfers, divers etc – block water but not sound!


“Momentum,” is a massive installation from United Visual Artists (UVA) at London’s Barbican Centre. The experience is a void of darkness filled with only 12 illuminated pendulums swinging rhythmically from the sky, creating an evolving composition of light and sound. The unexpected contrast of natural and synthetic patterns is designed to distort your perception of time and physical space.
Making of & more info here


> a history of sound art


> examples of why to get the window seat


> why we love repetition in music


TAPE – Ecosystem from TAPE on Vimeo.


> how silence became a luxury product


> bowie hangs out with burroughs


> music/art featuring footsteps? – this was always one of my favourites:


> maths & beats, a ted talk




> steering our sense of (food) taste via sound (thanks gilbert!)


> acoustic cloaking?



> this is some fantastic web design: the ah song (thanks soniccouture!)


> great interview with robert henke


> this looks like an intriguing learning app: augmented reality microphone polar patterns


> elephants are fascinating when it comes to sound, this site is a great read as is this BBC article about how they recognise human voices


> It is unreal what you can pick up when you have a little knowledge eg I just bought this beautiful Beaulieu 4008ZMll super8mm camera w/Schneider 6-66mm f1.8 Lens for less than the price of a disposable point & shoot digital camera (knowledge = a good friend had one & has shot such beautiful material with it – he has also set up a lab for developing & telecine of super 8! If I take my Nagra 4.2 out with me its completely analog capture!)


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