Detritus 296

(thanks Logan)


more info on the ‘obow’ here (thanks Steve!)


> best busker ever!


> some good advice on pitching yourself/your work – the first point made is particularly important (re startups/exit plans & art vs commerce) (thanks Denise!)


> “Perhaps most exciting was that it could be done through soundwork; not being able to clearly see what was going on outside but being able to hear it…”quoting Cary Fukunaga, director of True Detective


> Interview with Wes Andersons music supervisor (thanks Peter!)



> An illustrated book of bad arguments


“HoloDecks is an umbrella project for a number of studies which focus on transforming sound through different mediums. This study begins with a custom application built in openFrameworks which visualises audio from a song by Oneohtrix Point Never, titled Zebra. The base shape chosen for the visualisation is a disc which has always been a ubiquitous shape associated with music storage formats such as compact discs and vinyl records. Audio data from the song displaces the geometry of the disc to create a swirly visual echo of the audios last few seconds. At any point in the visualisation, a snapshot of the generated 3d model can be taken. OpenFrameworks does a great job at exporting 3D models using the .ply format which then needs to be converted into .obj format so it can be printed with a Makerbot 3D printer. Up to this point, the sound has been transformed from pure audio data, into a software visualisation and then materialised into the real world using a 3D printer. A final transformation is undertaken by augmenting the 3D printed sound sculpture using a mobile device to see another layer of audio reactive visuals mapped to the object.”

sound sculptures available on shapeways:


> music generated by a program that measures the “emotional temperature” of novels


> David Byrne riffs on a secure (from the NSA!) internet




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