Detritus 303

> Detritus 303? well… that just calls for this then, doesn’t it!


and this…


> Sunday = tech sabbath?


There’s No Sound In My Head from Lateral Films on Vimeo.

Documentary by Robert Arnold about Mark Applebaum’s Metaphysics of Notation


> 300 Speakers, a Pianola and a vacuum cleaner?


> ‘A storm came across the river’: Fate intervened during the construction of a legendary Stax track


> Where IS everybody????



> are you having a good week?


> check out the full-size reconstruction of the giant 27ft long ‘Denman horn’ the centrepiece of a new art installation by Aleksander Kolkowski.



> remember Donnacha Costello from his Mille Platineux album? He is crowd funding/releasing a new album after buying a brand new EMS Synthi A, check it out here


> Speaking of Synthi A, theres a free IR from its spring reverb here for Altiverb


Twelve from Quadrature on Vimeo.


> love these sound sculptures; the Hear Heres




> Object-Disoriented Sound


> An analysis of internet trends for indie films


I want one!


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