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> Last week we finished the final mix at Park Road Post of a very beautiful & fascinating documentary: Nga Reo O Te Whenua – Voices of the Land about Taonga Puoru (traditional Maori musical instruments) and the work of Richard Nunns. I understand it will be screening in NZ in the next month or two, I highly recommend catching it on a big screen… I really enjoy working on documentaries, such a different challenge than dramatic feature films so I thought I’d share a few documentaries I’ve seen recently & please add any suggestions to the comments….


> I watched a great doco the other day: Rivers & Tides made in 2001 by Thomas Riedelsheimer, about land artist Andy Goldsworthy (it has a great score by Fred Frith)
Here’s the trailer:

There is a shitty low rez version of the full doco on youtube “Uploaded for educational purposes only” – yeah, right?? But better to get the DVD from Amazon or queue it up on Netflix if they have it…..


Another doco I plan to watch soon: Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow


> And another short doco to keep an eye out for: The Secret World of Foley


> How to disappear in public



> A great read: an excerpt from a longer interview with legendary cinematographer Gordon Willis (rip)


> Shotkit is an interesting ‘whats in your camera bag’ site, especially useful as it tags photographers by genre and also provides links on the gear they use… And directly from a comment by a landscape photographer on that site today I bought a new head for my tripod:
a Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head – super useful for tweaking framing/composition, I never knew such a thing existed before! Relatedly would such a site work for field recordists? I’ve seen a few field recordist gear list posts on Linked-in eg this one (not sure that link will work, which is more than a little ironic for a site called Linked-in)


> love these notebooks – get them HERE




Ventura Lambrate 2013 from MammaFotogramma on Vimeo.

musical chairs – thanks Guy



> great high speed photos of birds in flight


> beautiful mandellas created from electronic components by Leonard Ulian – imagine a functioning synth!



> great idea: a Eurorack module with a built in contact mic – that and the RF Nomad are my next two module purchases….



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