Detritus 308

> World Listening Day 2014 – Call for Recordings



> I’ve often wondered about this: what happens if you’re a journalist who can’t help getting caught up in the subject?


> fascinating durational art: Swedish artist Anders Weberg is working on a film that will be 720 hours long, and just released the first teaser trailer (below) its 72 minutes long – the first ‘proper’ trailer due for release in 2016 will be 7 hours 20



> History of the microphone


what a beautifully conceived & executed promo! but some sad news – sending positive thoughts to Sakamoto san :/


> I love long exposure photos but one day long? wow


> jellyfish in an abandoned building? of course!


via kottke


> this Kickstartered Electric Object art display device is interesting, basically a digital photo frame with enough CPU & memory to stream ‘art’ from the internet… but… from the FAQ:
Does EO1 support landscape orientation?
“It does technically, but consistency of user experience is an important part of any creative platform and community, so we’re launching with software support for portrait only.”
now THAT is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard! Its like saying for consistency we are disabling interest for anyone who prefers shooting/viewing in landscape mode. I’d call that an own goal, especially, ESPECIALLY for a software based product. Maybe its part of some lame marketing ruse: create an obvious flaw that takes no effort to fix? #whatever



> abandoned AND beautiful?


Watch full film here


> drawings by robots? beautiful, thanks Guy!



Canon Crackers of the pistol shrimp from Ambient Recording on Vimeo.


> Schematics: A Love Story in Geometric Diagrams