Detritus 314


> (some of the) greatest electronic albums of the 1950s and 1960s


> love this: how to disable a surveillance camera using a corkscrew wine bottle opener


> Noam Chomsky is a new X Factor judge!
(FWIW I’ve had a few grumpy conversations with the parents of kids who watch that complete SH+T!
And after trying to clearly state what it is that repulses me from it, it took Dave Grohl to verbalise it)



> Have you ever considered being of no fixed abode?


> Films sync our brains?


by Jim Henson! via



> When an ecosystem becomes an orchestra (or something)


> while I like the concept, not 100% sure I’d appreciate it if I turned up to this lake to enjoy the quiet…


by Andy Thomas


> Scientists recording sound? What will they think of next!


> I’ve never owned a tent – my idea of ‘roughing it’ is either staying up all night, or staying in a hotel room without a mini bar… But, with summer in NZ approaching (& the idea of shooting overnight timelapses & dawn ambiences in remote locations) I have been reconsidering this concept of ‘a tent’. These photos are helping motivate me too… So… which model tent comes with WIFI?


> Also via Twister Sifter, turns out the cleanest lake in the world is in New Zealand (its obviously far enough away from any dairy farms to be contaminated) – adding it to my list for next South island road trip


> nicely made little mini doco about wasted rita


> Wow – great video/interview with Adrian Sherwood – i dearly LOVE the idea of not using automation when mixing, and have had many great conversations over the years with re-recording mixers who developed their skills before automation (ie where you had to learn the material and actually perform a great mix, rather than doing pass after pass, tweak after tweak) I am definitely not saying one is better or worse than the other (it isn’t a binary question, plus there are so many factors/considerations as to the actual art involved, the aesthetics, sensitivity to subject matter etc etc… the ability for ideas to transcend technology? yeah, yah… whatever…)


Ever get the feeling field recording is slowly becoming commoditized? For example how many times does someone say ‘GE’ in that video? And why, with all the supposed recording does the music sound generic? Why? Why? Oh, never mind….


> And lastly, apologies if you live outside NZ and follow me on twitter or FB or G+ or what/wherever and I post the occasional political nonsense that will be meaningless to you….. The thing is, politics in NZ is getting weird right now! We are about 3 weeks away from an election but thanks to a whistle blower/hacker (seriously BIG thanks!!!) it seems like every few days another revelation occurs, showing some of the usually hidden inner mechanisms of the incumbant government & their (successful until now) manipulation of the media….
But OMG dirty laundry is being aired very publicly and while there are, of course, issues of privacy, it is deeply fascinating to learn that the public good over rides these concerns. As someone said to me many years ago, it always ALWAYS better to tell the truth & act ethically, as then you don’t have to remember what you said because it was the truth. Corruption is an evil – it must be eliminated, especially in the public service of a so called democracy.
Anyway, a side effect of the perceived corruption is that the parties attempting to be elected have been putting up their advertising prior to the election, and some creative/stealthy people have been altering them…. Example #1? That geezer on the left! Brilliant!


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  2. Jon Clark says:

    Politics appears to be similar over the globe. Thanks for the reality check.

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