Detritus 317

▶ very interesting binaural microphone design – stereo and ‘3D’ by 3DIO – plug your headphones in and check out their example recordings


by Fernando Livschitz


▶ Chart topping songs as graphs and diagrams


▶ Its pretty ugly reading lawyers arguing over music copyright & influences etc and while Thickes escape clause is pretty ridiculous, there are some interesting, accidentally-philosophical quotes in Pharrells deposition (when they aren’t arguing about the use of cowbell) PDF here eg page 109 Pharrell: “When I’m searching for music… we look into oblivion. We look into that which does not exist.”


▶ some very funny diagrams related to photography


▶ sound-related articles from dwell magazine (thanks Guy)


by The Brothers McLeod & Adam Buxton via


▶ the perfect present for horror film fans


▶ this made me smile out loud: You can now attach your iPad directly to your face to experience virtual reality


“By failing to prepare,
you are preparing to fail”

Benjamin Franklin


▶ beautiful work by Joanie Lemercier – the making of FUJI


▶ Well, the election in New Zealand is finally upon us – this Saturday hopefully everyone gets out to vote. Its been the weirdest election so far, and no matter what you think of Kim Dot Com he has done all of NZ a huge favour by engaging with Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowdon, to reveal some of what goes on in secret here… What has been most fascinating to observe has been the methods and attempts by the current government to discredit both people, which was summed up beautifully by a commentator saying ‘you don’t shoot the postie just because they deliver news you don’t want to hear’
The most important aspect of any such revelations surely must be that we all get to make informed decisions, rather than decisions heavily influenced by public relations spin and manipulation. Its been quite funny to see people commenting online the old chestnut ‘If you have nothing to hide, whats the problem?’ meanwhile forgetting that they are posting their comments anonymously. Actions speak louder than misguided hypocrisy…
I do appreciate that most people reading this are not from NZ so I wont go on about it too much more, but with regards to the Snowdon revelations this is quite a fascinating read: how your innocent smartphone leaks personal data like a sieve and the best solution to the problem? THIS


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