Detritus 324

▶ Warblr, a UK bird ID app based on birdsong – on Kickstarter


▶ Why the internet of ‘things’ might not be so great: I’m Terrified of My New TV


Craco by Hauschka from Tobias Stretch on Vimeo.


▶ hows this for syncronicity: yesterday I was up on top of Whitireia Park watching some kite surfers zipping around the bay, and thought it would great to video them, then export the video as single frames & import them into one of those star trail apps, so the brightly coloured kite would leave a continuous trail of light… This morning I saw the exact same idea, except done with a kite & it looks quite amazing & the animated gifs are very funny!


▶ handy stick on headphone holder


▶ Great Q&A with Vladislav Delay, full of honest insight


X issued his final assignment. “Select a note,’’ he told them, “and then, in silence, establish a relationship with that note. Keep it within you until you can no longer contain it and must give it voice.’’

For an awkwardly long time, all seventeen strained in silence, until one of them just had to give voice to his note. That cracked the dam, and within seconds everyone liberated his note, some of them two or three times. It was as close to a Monty Python experience as one could have without the presence of John Cleese.

Can you guess who X is? A great read: Surviving a Weekend with…



Props for tonights recording session!
As its almost Guy Fawkes fireworks are on sale in NZ for their legally allowed 3 day window… I’ve been hanging out to record an update to HISSandaROAR SD004 Fireworks Library, with better mics & some new ideas…


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