Detritus 325


▶ The portal project – help take a solar powered projector & sound system to Sudan, on Indiegogo here – for all that we take technology for granted, just imagine the impact this will have!


▶ the art & philosophy of a walk


▶ never thought I’d say this, but these ‘selfies’ are excellent


▶ there is a great techy interview with aphex twin – this bit made me laugh: “had a funny kind of argument with george massenburg once, was telling him he should make a 32 band graphic eq which was also a vocoder/sequencer/midi controller, with presets and motorised faders ! 🙂 he was having none of it, boooring..”
UPDATED: the original interviews were taken down, but are now archived, part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE


▶ surreal augmented landscape photography by Nicholas Moulin


“I set up three synchronized computers, ProTools for the Surround sound mix, DaVinci Resolve for color correction and 3-D managing, and Final Cut to play what was rendered by DaVinci synched with the ProTools sound mix. The idea was to mix, color correct, and edit at the same time in HD 3-D. We edited two minutes a session..” – fascinating interview with cinematographer Fabrice Aragno, on working with Godard.


▶ “When you stand at the base of its steps and clap your hands, the echo that comes back is a dead ringer for a bird call. Specifically, it sounds like the distinct “poo-yah” of the quetzal, a bird that was worshipped in the area.”


thanks Steve!


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