Detritus 327

all I want for Xmas is… an 80 inch gong! (thank Richard)


▶ hear yourself happy?


▶ beautiful tech: mechanical calculators dissected


▶ fascinating insight into the reggae scene in Japan



▶ this is a great listen & quite funny – John Cage Q&A mp3 (thanks Greg)


▶ “_______ makes you more alive to your surroundings and, since the main ingredient of living, though you might not think so to look at most human beings, is to be alive, this is quite a worthwhile by-product”


▶ cats with eyes, of course!


▶ How to properly maintain your ears and earwax – comments worth a read too eg “I am an audiologist and I’ve seen my fair share of impacted wax due to Q-tips and even a few injuries… The best thing to do is to leave your ears alone.” YMMV


by Daniel Sierra – more info here



“Some of the most interesting sounds come from the most boring sources, like there was a tumble dryer backstage in Boston, it was making this very rhythmic, rolling sound. I used it as the basis of a loop of a kick drum. I don’t subscribe to the idea of recording things because they’re an interesting thing to record, rather that they’re an interesting sound.” – guess the artist


▶ now this is how to cook!

whoever chose that music at the end made me LOL!


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