Detritus 328

▶ For those suffering through winter, here is some good news!



▶ “The two hours after becoming fully awake are likely to be the best…” – don’t waste them


▶ an interesting read: how Sony lost the Steve Jobs film


“I don’t have any needlepoint pillows with slogans on them, but if I did, it would be ‘Don’t Go Backward.’” – on the death of mid budget American films



drawing an oscilloscope on mushrooms! oops i mean drawing mushrooms on an oscilloscope


a LIKE machine!?


Taken from Macho Zapp’s immersive multimedia feature – ‘Needle Habit’


▶ congrats to Michael Hedges, Tim Chaprione, Simon Riley and everyone who worked on the soundtrack for Taikas film WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS for winning the Best Sound Award at the NZ Film Awards last night – it is a very funny film, check it out when you get the chance!