Detritus 33

“We all have film sequences that stick in our minds. Some are shared by many – such as the shower scene from Psycho – others are particular to us. Here our film critic and a panel of leading movie-makers reveal the greatest film scenes ever shot


> Enhancing Creativity


> A transcription of a great SXSW workshop on online film distribution


> MIDI Mobilizer is the first MIDI interface for iPhone & iPod Touch (& I presume the iPad)


>Skywalker Sound – the first 10 years (1977-1987) – check those Magnatechs!


> A beautiful album promo you shoudl listen to if you like quiet beautiful music


> Music i grew up with? Not sure if you can play this offshore, but NZOnScreen has just made available a great collection of Flying Nun music videos from the 80s…. eg a great Bailter Space video shot backwards lip sync in New York… ok that was the mid 90s… but anyway..


> incase you haven’t seen it yet:random chat room piano improv… or something…


> A fascinating interview with sound designer Erik Aadahl about Sound Design for Animation – that sonic genre has such a rich history!


> A Skeptical Response to the Cynical Musician


>Love this image, anyone know where its from? (I ffffound it)

game pi


> Warning! Muso joke: What’s the difference between a rock guitarist and a jazz guitarist?
A rock guitarist plays three chords to thousands of people, while the jazz guitarist plays thousands of chords to three people


>Suddenly my blog is getting spammed with semi-sentient spammers! A mildly humourous example? One of the film sound studies we’ve done here, about the great film PUNCH DRUNK LOVE, features Adam Sandler getting caught up with a phone sex company, the boss of which is portrayed by the reliably brilliant Philip Seymour Hoffman… SPAM: “Hi I love your article I though I would say Ive been a telephone set sex operator for a long time and enjoy the job you can check me at Click Here. Im perpetually live there and would like nothing more to please and taunt.. Keep up the posts I like talking about this line of work.”
My apologies if anyone has ever wondered why their first comment doesn’t turn up immediately, but at least now you know why – someone has to filter this crap! “Im perpetually live” is a classic!

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