Detritus 330

And the wind was like the regret for what is no more from João Costa via Creators Project


▶ new word suggestions


▶ thanks Robert Henke for xmas Max-for-Live retro microdrum


▶ songs as graphs & diagrams


▶ love this photo of Klaus Schulze, preempting Daft Punk by 40+ years


▶ how great: meet the troll hunters


▶ James Murphy tune made with tennis data


▶ fascinating read: einsteins camera?


▶ architecture as instrument

Resonant Architecture from N1C0L45 M41GR3T on Vimeo.



▶ The Bug: Portals of Modular Worship


▶ The Math Behind the Rolling Shutter Phenomenon


▶ Eno at Red Bull Academy – if you want to skip through it, theres an interesting bit about his approach to working on films at 0.48.00 (funny at 0.49.00) and great observations near the end @1.18.33 about “control and surrender”


▶ cue sardonic trailer voice: “..return to New Zealands most breathtaking green screen studios…”

Whether it is actually funny is the issue… and on that front no one beats French & Saunders…

But the best news of all? A quote from Sir Peter Jackson: “Heavenly Creatures was the last time we made a movie about our own culture. So we want to go back and make some New Zealand stories.

That is great news – hopefully NZ can return to just being NZ, rather than middle earth!



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