Detritus 331

shot with a soratama


▶ this is great: on optimism & 2015


▶ adventures re/building a player piano


▶ great concept! “Imagine: You’re working on a great song and you try out various ideas…..then it happens: the happy accident…. Rewind into the future: Luckily you have Audio Treasure on your master track which constantly records audio into a 2 minute ring-buffer. Simply write your accident to disc and re-import it into Live! Completely worry-free. Just remember that you have it there and that only the last 2 minutes are kept.”


▶ 4’33” autotuned!?


▶ so great: The Clash live in Tokyo in 1982


▶ new sound blog worth subscribing to Anti Node Design


▶ indepth article on the Sony hack (funniest comment I’ve read online was someone on twitter; ‘watch the movie on the Sony site? sure, can’t imagine any issues entering my credit card details there’


▶ screen printed controller?


bioluminescent forest (thanks Jennifer)


▶ short interview with architect Shigeru Ban, really appreciate his comments about social architecture


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  1. Jay Ektopia says:

    That Clash vid… cheers man. What a gem. Happy new year Tim.

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