Detritus 333

▶ this is so great (other than for the producers of toxic crap who sponsored it)


▶ The world as 100 people


▶ 70s rock stars in their parents homes


It doesn’t matter what a sound is,
only how it makes you feel

wise words by Gary Rydstrom


▶ teaching McNulty how to swear?


Performance Part II from David Matthews on Vimeo.

▶ more info here – such great ideas & music (love the instrument @24’20”)

Howled on Their Knees was D. Turner Matthews’s Senior Composition Thesis and funded by Ohio University’s 2013-14 Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund. He built and invented all of the instruments used in the recital. The instruments include a four-octave steel plate marimba, a four-octave EMT pipe marimba, a two-and-a-half-octave copper glockenspiel, multiple whirly tubes on three separate ceiling fans controlled by dimmer switches, and three string instruments called the “Turner Winch.”
thanks William


▶ Walter Murch and “The Rule of Six” with regards to picture editing (thanks Peter!) & not forgetting his invaluable Rule of Two & a Half/trees vs forest for sound, see the part about cutting footsteps for THX1138 here



Wetten dass..? (LAB BINÆR vs. FERCHAU) #5 from LAB BINÆR on Vimeo.



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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing my music! Feel free to email me of you have any questions about it! Great blog!!!

    • tim says:

      Thanks – apart form the instruments I really appreciated the phrasing in your compositions, it always amazes me how a lot of ‘minimalist’ music never has a single moment of silence or pause – great work!

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