Detritus 336

▶ turning patterns used in traditional folk embroidery into music…. via


▶ 20 unorthodox instruments


▶ when I get an electric car I want this modular synth patch as its audible engine #serge_resonant_eq


▶ someone tried to tell me silence doesn’t actually exist, which is a little silly when you think about it (stick your head in a vacuum & tell me what you hear?) – here’s Paul Goodman talking about nine types of silence


via Diffusion Mag


▶ a long-ish read/critique of crowd funding



▶ photobombing stock photos? funny




▶ Up for a listening test: can you detect audio watermarking?


▶ The Coen Brothers are jury presidents at Cannes this year!


▶ Floating Points (RBMA Tokyo 2014 Lecture)


▶ Robots Can’t Dance


Bjork 1 Patriarchical music industry 0


▶ this could well be THE BEST ever youtube video


▶ “If something needs a bit longer,” said the chair of the organization that supervises the performance, “then it can give us an inner calm that is rare in normal life.” Or at least one would like to believe so. The reality, alas, is a little different. When the organ last shifted notes, more than a thousand people descended on the little church to hear a change in tone rarer than a leap year….” The current chord began in 2013 and is set to last through 2020


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