Detritus 338


▶ the power of art aka when pinhole cameras go bad


▶ work on demand? or sharing the scraps


▶ 75 best edited films of all time (according to Editors Guild Magazine)


▶ interesting idea: moments in radiohead songs that gave goosebumps


“Portée/ is the interactive unfold of a musical score in space and a collective multi-sensory experience.
16 independant electroluminescent wires are deployed in a monumental asymmetric weave of light.
Visitors are invited to explore the spacial & interactive qualities of music, through a poetic setting.
When they touch and trigger vibrations of the luminous threads, the notes associated to each thread are played on an electro-mecanic grand piano. The melodies are triggered by the visitor but their intrinsic configuration remains out of his control.”

more info here


▶ Know the difference between what’s urgent and what’s important


▶ Facebook: “I’ve got nothing to hide” versus reality


▶ DeathHacks – tech tips for people who are going to die (someday)


▶ equipment reviewed by the ah, feel of the knob!?


▶ Ten things I learned producing my *second* vinyl record


Tristan Perich – Microtonal Wall at Interaccess – Walkthrough
1,500 speakers, each playing a single microtonal frequency, collectively spanning 4 octaves.

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