Detritus 340

▶ Wouter van Veldhoven via this thread


▶ “I’ve never stopped using them because I’ve not found anything that really replaces it” (thanks Calum) – funniest non question: “Basically its the rave version Of Baker Street?”


▶ “In Tibet there are temples, where for centuries monks have chanted at the resonant frequencies of the temple. If one e.g. “thunks” the side of these temples, indeed, they resonate at these chanted frequencies!” via Acoustics of Palaeolithic Caves – PDF here


▶ the opposite of addiction is not sobriety


▶ tuning restaurant ambience



▶ great interview with Glenn Weyant, fascinating instrument builder & experimental musician (one project/series of works involves ‘playing’ the border wall between USA and Mexico)


thanks Georgi!


CONGRATS to all the nominees and winenrs of recent CAS awards and MPSE awards


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