Detritus 344


▶ I won’t get to visit Bjorks retrospective at MOMA so this will have to do


Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.38.20 am

▶ check out this analog style visual synth for OSX: lumen


▶ The Sounds of Nature, Transcribed and Composed


▶ I’ve posted about Len Lye a few times before eg here – imho he is the most important New Zealand artist and accordingly it is FANTASTIC that the new Len Lye gallery is nearing completion! Check out this “Work is almost complete at the University of Canterbury College of Engineering to build a ‘gallery sized’ working model of Lye’s Sun Land and Sea – his most ambitious outdoor work…. The performance culminates with a ‘lightning-like’ discharges of electricity. At full scale, this work will be 150 feet long and almost as high! Although Lye built several working models of Sun, Land and Sea he never realised the full scaled work in his life time.
The research and construction of the 30 foot ‘indoor’ model is being undertaken by PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, Alex O’Keefe. Alex is studying the travelling and standing waves that form when the steel strip is excited at one end. The picture to the left shows waves being generated on the test rig at the university..
Alex has also become proficient at creating ‘lightning bolts’, and other electrical effects required for this work with the help of staff and colleagues in the High Voltage laboratory.”


▶ interesting experiment trying to record the sound of an owls wings (thanks Arnald!)
Similarly there is a native NZ owl, the Morepork, which has silent wings… but I got really close to one, late one night – its calls were really close to me, but when I started to get my camera out I felt this sudden thrum of ultrasound & it was gone… So my theory is the wings are silent except for low freqeuncies, which presumably is below mice etc hearing range..


▶ can you imagine what these shoes would sound like? super creepy foley



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