Detritus 347


▶ wahoo – a new donationware dub delay by Boscomap!


▶ Are you looking for quiet in the West of the USA? (thanks James, I concurr – wouldn’t it be great if such a map was available for everywhere!)


▶ hmmmm… the ‘proper’ way to eat sushi


▶ theres an air bnb for recording studios?



▶ great profile on foley artist Gregg Barbanell


▶ Life expectancy based on what genre of music you play (some of the comments are hilarial!) via Kottke



▶ the science of why experiences are a better investment than ‘things’


▶ intriguing article about the dark web


▶ I was waiting for the part where the chainsaw actually cut through the ice…


▶ Fascinating interview with two people who make pan drums (thanks Leon)


▶ Blog worth a read for ProTools users: ProTools is awesome eg a handy guide to roundtrip RX4 processing


▶ A photographer with eight arms?


▶ I love seeing artists studios especially painters & sculptor (but not so much music/recording studios, which are usually quite ugly imho)


▶ Your brain while listening to burial


▶ Two interesting projects via Colossal: hole punch flipbooks and songs turned into 3D printed sculpture


▶ Inside Abbey Road via google


▶ Only 24 hours or so until the hefty discount expires for SWISH TWO – save US$80 now or don’t 😉



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