Detritus 355


▶ amazing gaffer tape sculpture by Takahiro Iwasaki


▶ Cave long exposure photos, illuminated by glow worms


▶ Just finished reading The Martian by Andy Weir, about a guy getting left for dead on Mars… (its being made into a film starring that smeghead Matt Damon… suspect the book is better than the film will be, check the trailer – its like they’ve used that bass drop cliche every bar towards the end :/

Its the first book I’ve actually read & finished on my iPhone/iPad via Kindle app… I’ve started/am reading dozens but I think this particular book was easy to read on phone etc due to the style of writing (its like a first person account of surviving on Mars, and as the trailer says ‘we need to science the sh+t out of this!”)

Just started Japanese speculative fiction The Gene Mapper by Taiyo Fujii, set in a near future where designers can engineer/alter DNA like css stylesheets… Both books highly reccomended..


▶ A few people I know have had MRI scans & tried to describe the incredible sounds to me, so if you’ve never heard one:

(thanks Peter)


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