Detritus 37

> This isn’t how HISSandaROAR got its name, but it could have been: Old School Monster Vox


> While you are stranded at the airport, maybe have a listen to these volcanoes



> At last a time traveller has been caught on film!


> New blog for your RSS reader: The Educated Sound Designer


> I’ve posted about the hilarious unhappyhipsters site before, but they’ve recently been running a competition for readers to subtitle a photo and some of the winners are brilliant – in particular this one literally made me LOL


> Make yourself a DIY wind screen for your Zoom H2 recorder (thanks for tip Steve!)


> Free Watkins tape echo IRs


> Apologies for lack of posting, its our last week of editing before predubs so we’re in mission critical mode… I shot some great video of the Shifter Kart session I did in Auckland last week including some footage of how I rigged the mics on the Kart, so will get that sorted this weekend. The session was the best yet & I don’t think I would have got such clean onboard recordings without the previous experiences, so hopefully you can learn from my experiments without having to make the same mistakes! There were some motorbikes using the track when we were there too and I recorded some beautiful sounds from them – one in particular is stuck in my mind & I’ll post it too: imagine two very powerful 4 stroke motorbikes hitting the straight at the same time, both accelerating like crazy side by side until their exhaust sounds start to beat & flam – it made em think of old war movies where you are on a B52 bomber and you get that weird flamming beating sound as those huge powerful motors slowly shift in & out of phase with each other. I haven’t heard such beautiful air distortion in a long time!


> Lastly, thanks so much for the support for HISSandaROAR – the response has been phenomenal (2,553 unique visitors!!) & hugely encouraging – tonight I’m celebrating the first week in its life…. And this weekend I’m doing more recording for Library 2… thanks again!

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