Detritus 458



▶ gorgeous infra red timelapse


▶ love these low pixel CG by Toshiya Masuda


▶ Haruki Murakami, short story: The Wind Cave + interview


▶ listicle: 20 movies With brilliant sound design


▶ fascinating review of new Aphex Twin EP which made me rewatch this:


▶ instrument builder extraordinaire!!


▶ It is somehow reassuring to learn that very rich Silicon Valley entrepeneurs live in fear – all that cash and they think the best way to secure their future is this? WTF? #tragic #BBQ_at_theirs #eat_the_rich


▶ Someone tell Bach copyright doesn’t apply 300 years after you skipped off this mortal coil!
copyright is broken


▶ think you’re shooting large format? hold my beer


▶ A partial emulation of Laurie Spiegel’s “Music Mouse – An Intelligent Instrument” by Tero Parviainen


▶ How modders are removing enemies from games to create stress-free experiences





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