Detritus 460

this is tragic: “Super 8 camera filters are having a moment in music videos”
Good grief, can a ‘journalist’ not even understand the subject of the topic they are reporting on, to differentiate between a filter and a medium? We all know there are pseudo filters which attempt to apply the ‘look’ of film to digital footage, but that has nothing to do with shooting film FFS! As with stills, filters are available to apply the look of specific film stocks but they all by default ignore the fact that to SHOOT on film is very very different to shooting digital. So the ‘look’ (filter?) is only a part of the issue….


▶ Who owns graffiti?


▶ I knew there were a lot of DX7 patches floating around the interweb, but someone collected up 31,380 patches & stepped thru them all! You should get some kind of award (or padded room maybe) if you can make it through 2+ hours of this:


▶ GoGo Penguin 2015: drum soundchecks





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