Detritus 468



(trigger warning: wonky pan)

▶ Saul Bass on making money vs quality work


▶ new handheld recorder: Sony PCM-D10Yodobashi has it listed for Y53,870 = US$490


▶ MIT used a laser to transmit audio directly into a person’s ear!!


▶ Anna Behlmer on battling sexism and nepotism in the sound industry (ps a guide to supporting women in sound)(always makes me cringe a little to see dub stage crew photos of the entire sound team on a film and… 100% male)


▶ profound interview with Brunt Friedman


▶ Zuckerberg wants to redefine “transparency, choice and control” – let’s not give him consent


▶ RIP Jonas Mekas, theres a great conversation with him & Jim Jarmusch here – love mention of the idea of watching foreign films with no subtitles & “translating by sound”… also this line from a poem quoted: “The permanent defiance of gravity”


▶ Guess the artist: “I find deadlines are a great spur to my…


▶ cyriak – soemthing 2010





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