Detritus 474



▶ Director Lexi Alexander on the politics of focus: equitable cinematography


▶ Japanese illustrator Ariduka55 imagines a world where humans live among giant animals


▶ fascinating read Data, Driven: Spotify Under Surveillance

Just as troubling is the way Spotify playlists are eroding the notion of music as art with intrinsic value – not just commercial or monetary value, but creative and cultural value. To Spotify and its playlists, music not only becomes a data point to help sell targeted advertising, but a tool to assist the user in carrying out a task: “Travel”, “Chill”, “Workout”. The idea that music may have a purpose or an effect beyond providing an audio backdrop to other things the listener might be primarily focused on is lost – if it were ever part of the plan to begin with.



▶ YouTube Executives Ignored warnings, letting toxic videos run rampant….. grrrrr…



Why procrastinate? (it has nothing to do with self-control)



▶ fascinating (& essential viewing for dialogue editors) via metafilter



▶ also check out pink trombone (browser based ‘voicebox’)



▶ wow this looks & sounds beautiful!
Brand new tape echo created by true experts ECHO FIX – pre-order here…
I’d be buying this immediately if I didnt already own eight different tape echos!
my obsession: Roland SRE555, RE201x2, VOCU VTE2000x3, a Pax Echo Deck
and the weird SS100 Echo Chamber which uses 8 track cartridges!





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