Detritus 477



▶ the Pianobook Project by Christian Henson (of Spitfire) helps people sample their piano & create a sampler version to share, which Spitfire “will be packaging and releasing it once its baked!”…. FAQ here and terms of use here (thanks leyton!)



▶ Pressure mounting for humans to step down as head of failing global ecosystem





▶ Drowning in a culture of sameness? (thanks Jim)



▶ xkcd: Light Pollution



▶ great interview/conversation between Akio Suzuki and Tomoko Sauvage (my favourite new word = “Oto-date”) “It’s the room that sings. Most flutes are like that. As the room becomes an instrument, I can sometimes make my flutes sing, as if I had become a genius. But when I go outside to play the same flutes in a field, I’m not a genius anymore… In resonance, some sound, that normally doesn’t sound, sounds.”



▶ Why won’t Twitter treat white supremacy like ISIS? Because… wait for it… it would mean banning some republican politicians too FFS!



▶ Very sad to learn that Mike McGrath, modular synth advocate & founder of MW Forum has left this mortal coil. Mikes forum has been a huge influence and source of information, inspiration and is partly responsible for the resurgence of modular synths… Similar for many I have learned so much from Mikes work, joining the forum 11 years ago (16th Nov 2008) – it also occasionally provided the opportunity to buy music gear that I otherwise may not have had knowledge or access to (eg Buchla Music Easel, Ebb und Flut etc)

RIP Mike


And thank you to all the people who are working to continue his legacy…





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