Detritus 482



one for the god botherers?



Radioactive pianos from the Chernobyl exclusion zone?
hope they include a geiger counter articulation 😉



uncollected, unconnected, loose leaf, and blown.
a beautiful read (thanks Vessel via lines)



heh QWESTTV via juniorbirdmanaudio on insta



wow this is great, an alternative to the Thunder Sheet: Bristol Old Vic’s thunder run
(thanks Justin via Twitter)





Maybe of more interest to locals, but I love seeing comparison photos and these two photos of the Wellington waterfront are seperated by almost a century….
2019 Oriental Parade shot with medium format Linhof Technorama 617
1923 R P Moore gigapixel panorama shot with Cirkut 10 camera





more in an ongoing series of instagram accounts worth actually following:
I love kyoto journals instagram
especially their series: small buildings of Kyotofor example #428





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