Detritus 484



▶ Ryoji Ikeda interview



“Until recently, it was nigh on impossible to hear what any of these guys were saying, because the antique, analog 30-track recordings had been neither digitized nor separated into their component tracks. But in a timely stroke of good fortune for Miller, a team of sound engineers at the University of Texas at Dallas recently completed a multi-year, labor-intensive program to transform these tapes—which include upwards of 10,000 hours of audio for Apollo 11 alone, spread over 60 channels—into digital files.”
hell YES!



▶ this is a great read: The Pianist and the Lobster “One of the world’s greatest pianists takes the stage. He panics. Where is the plastic lobster? He doesn’t know. He only knows he can’t play without it….”



▶ We all know using cracked software is ethically wrong but wow, check this out:
LoudMiner: Cross-platform mining in cracked VST software
via Chris Randall



▶ PSA: Google Chrome has become surveillance software



▶ PCB Art: Artfully shaped copper traces



▶ What happens if you send your dogs DNA in for testing instead of your own? this



▶ Artist talk med Jóhann Jóhannsson



▶ I’ve always wanted a WASP and have the filter in my modular… totally missed this DIY WASP clone until now…. ordered!





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