Detritus 488




▶ My favourite part of Japan is Setouichi and 2019 = Setouichi Triennale


▶ checkout Hasselblad in space and a PDF of the photography manual they gave astronauts, and wow: “The journeys home from the Moon made very special demands on what could return regarding weight; from Apollo 11 to the final Apollo 17 mission, a total of twelve camera bodies were left behind on the lunar surface”


▶ Do you use a VPN? if so, do you know who owns it?


▶ I’ve been juggling all my ideas/tasks/info etc in Outline and Scrivener, both of which I love & continue to use for writing and storing ideas.. but I just started using Todoist on my studio Mac, iPhone & laptop and wow!! Why did I not do this years ago??


▶ 10 things to consider when you’re submitting an album for review


▶ Artist: wants versus needs


▶ The dirty business of hosting hate online

“There are a lot of people who care about freedom of speech and don’t want these companies themselves to be making all the decisions [about what websites are online],” said Oren Segal, the director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. “They’re erring on the side of allowing any extremists to recruit and radicalize because somehow that’s safer than taking some corporate responsibility and curating what’s on their platforms. I think that’s a problem.”


▶ The 100 best Electronic albums of 2019 so far


▶ Pocket Operations — A portable collection of drum machine patterns


▶ Four part doco: 10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki (free to view on NHK, with subtitles)


▶ the longer vid of this is worth a watch/listen: Pharrell Williams Masterclass with Students at NYU Clive Davis Institute as Pharrell critiques three or four other students songs (who were all good-ish) before he gets to this song… so it puts some perspective on how he reacts here.





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