Detritus 492



▶ meh heh heh



▶ wow, seems the NRA and friends are rattled by new gun regulations in New Zealand = a badly implemented fake news campaign: US articles claiming less than 1% of NZ guns have been handed in, but the article was posted two weeks before the buy back launched!

Also a bit weird to see gun nut bots join NZ social media & raise the ‘big issue’ of the ‘second amendment’ – ah hello? NZ doesn’t have a second amendment, guns are thankfully not a right in this country. If you need any convincing which is the right approach, please check the many thousands of posts on this Twitter account: Well Regulated Militia



▶ Mute have shared a track from its forthcoming box set of John Cage 4’33’ interpretations.



▶ patience + skill + research + amazing lenses = Audubon Bird Photography Award Winners



▶ “The abura zemi — abura meaning oil in Japanese — is so called because its jin jin jin jin jin call resembles the sound of food frying in a pan…”



▶ unobtanium: Cyclosonic FS1D
I’d never heard of these before, apparently legendary modulated panner!



▶ new TV show: bizzare audio hoarders?
from an auction for “all 32 single things in the photograph” aka mostly DDLs



▶ Osi Drum tuning iteration #1



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