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▶ avert your eyes, guitar heads!
Apparently “the video was taken by a former Gibson employee named BJ Wilkes, who revealed details about the clip in an interview with YouTuber The Guitologist. Wilkes explained that the footage was shot during the “post-Henry” era, when Gibson’s new investors “were trying to clean up the mess before the end of the fiscal year. […] Gibson literally could not sell these guitars and they were on the books.”

While it is unclear if there is anything truly nefarious about the massacre, Gibson has responded with a statement: “The Firebird X destruction video that surfaced months ago was an isolated batch of Firebird X models built in 2009-2011 which were unsalvageable and damaged with unsafe components. This isolated group of Firebird X models were unable to be donated for any purpose and were destroyed accordingly.”

hmmmmmm… imagine if Moog did this – there would be nerd riots in the streets!



Pills Dissolve In Macro from Ben Ouaniche on Vimeo.



▶ Autechre & The Washing Mashine



▶ Cirklon jam



▶ Ever notice how the waterfront bollards in #Wellington look like they have seen unspeakable acts… are they modelled on The Scream?



▶ The day before the two mass gun deaths last weekend, someone posted this image on twitter:

Sad to see the NZ flag on there…The total for USA would be 251 now… and today is day #217 of 2019, so that is more than one mass shooting a day!! Inevitably the usual rhetoric surfaces from every political side, but this thread written by a historian is worth a read…



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