Detritus 499



via MW Modular Memes



▶ EnVBot, an advanced envelope generator plugin



▶ Rebecca Solnit: The Loneliness of Donald Trump



▶ Reuben Wu does interesting things with drones (thanks Frank)



▶ still waiting on a eurorack Tesla Electro-mechanical oscillator aka earthquake machine



▶ wow, incredibly beautiful silver gelatin photogram collages by Joanne Dugan






“I had to switch off my modular because otherwise I would never have finished the album. Right at the beginning, before I wanted to make a human record, I actually thought about making my first electronic album in 20 years, with a modular system; I tried that for a year, but at some point I thought Fuck that, it needs to be off. I’d have gone down the wormhole and never have released anything ever again.”guess the artist?



▶ great reading: 15 Questions



▶ Without encryption, we will lose all privacy.



▶ Don’t be an influencer



▶ Erykah Badu: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
Suddenly noticed the drummer in Erykah Badus band was playing with his snare drum upside down, or with the snare rattle on the top skin… He was playing it with his fingers as well as sticks… brilliant idea especially in such a quiet enclosed space… drummer is Delta 9/Cleon Edwards… what a fantastic band!




▶ just got 12 rolls of XPAN scans back from the Lab!






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