Detritus 500



The first Detritus = August 26, 2009
Detritus 500 = October 26 2019
500 Detritus in 10 years = 50 per year = almost 1 per week… for ten years!?!
What a strange hobby… collecting detritus & posting it into the void….

So many unfinished drafts!



▶ Earth’s Rotation



“For his second graphic score and the first with designer Sugiura Kōhei, Corona for Pianists, Takemitsu created ring graphics on separate sheets for five Studies: Articulation, Conversation, Expression, Intonation, and Vibration. In each graphic, there is a narrow band for the circle, and each one has its own distinctive ornamentation both inside and outside the circle. Each sheet is printed in different colors and is cut from the middle of one edge to the center of the circle, so that the sheets can be overlaid to create unique configurations for each performance. And each sheet has its own performance instructions (ironically, except Conversation, which has no instructions or annotations whatsoever) which direct the pianist to perform inside the piano and on the keyboard. The score for Corona for Pianists has been displayed in museums and is a high point of Takemitsu’s aleatoric music….”






▶ ‘There’s a wall of faceless men I have to climb over’ – guess the artist



▶ insta follow: colorpalette.cinema



▶ Floating Points Studio & Live Rig (via soundgas who need to learn how to shoot stable video…)



▶ What!?! Is nothing sacred!



▶ this is how all interviews should be



▶ The Cost of Living measured in Spotify streams



▶ TM404 – 202/202/202/202/202/202/202/202



▶ And a cheerily dark animation by Steve Cutts





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  1. Dan Powell says:

    Whoa, congratulations Tim! I’ve discovered your blog around 2009 I think, hard to believe it’s ten years!

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