Detritus 501



▶ “AOC: Do you see a problem here…



▶ The LOUDEST bird ever recorded? 125.4dB



DIY Hydrophone



▶ (some of) Japans ambient soundscapists



▶ Kurt Cobain’s $334,000 green cardigan



▶ “I want to transcend the subject and the visual medium and peer into the soul, the moment, the feeling….” – fantastic interview with 95 year old Photographer Tony Vaccaro



▶ Béla Tarr’s 10 Favorite Films



▶ “it’s simply about treating electronic instruments as if they were any other instrument. They can be as expressive as their acoustic counterparts, you just need to treat them that way” #amen
Floating Points at Resident Advisor



▶ added to my JPN travel list: land art in Rokkosan



▶ NEWS: Netflix backlash over playback speed test feature
▶ ME: If director wanted you to see the movie at double speed THEY WOULD HAVE MADE IT LIKE THAT!
▶ ALSO ME: My DVD Player could do this back in 1990.
(As if the average attention span isn’t already paper thin)



▶ A field 400 times stronger than an MRI should reveal new physics of nanoscale materials…
may also explode!





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